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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 2040

S/N: 2040 Built: 1968 TSN: 12'772
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
N3608R PC-6/B1A-H2 World Aviation / Caltex Oil 1968-05 1969x originally purchased by Caltex Oil 
N3608R PC-6/B1A-H2 Honam Refinery Co.Ltd 1969x 1969-11
HL5101 PC-6/B1A-H2 Honam Oil Refineries 1969-11 1989-07 wfu, donated to Hankuk University
HL5101 PC-6/B1A-H2 Hankuk Aviation University 1990 2000-11 on static display
N3608R PC-6/B1A-H2 Seattle Aviation LLC 2001-07-09 2001-10-03 bought Nov'2000
N3608R PC-6/B1A-H2 Dowdy Greg 2001-10-03 2004-06-23  
N3608R PC-6/B1A-H2 N3608R LLC 2004-06-23 2007-11  
N3608R PC-6/B1A-H2 Paraclete Holdings 2007-11 2008-05  
N476XP PC-6/B1A-H2 Paraclete Aviation LLC 2007-12-01 2013-03-14 accident 3-Nov-12 at Georgetown
N476XP PC-6/B1A-H2 High Chaparral LLC 2013-03-14 2024-04-18 stored and under rebuild - Project sold Apr-2024
N476XP PC-6/B1A-H2 Matonti James Robert 2024-04-18 STORED stored and under rebuild

N3608R of Seattle Aviation LLC at Harvey Field - Photo by Jason Paur © 2001 N3608R in the progress of getting a new look - Photo by Michael White © 24-Mar-04
N3608R of N3608R LLC new painted and flying for Skydive the Farm - Photo by Brad Meier © 8-Jan-05 N3608R of N3608R LLC in great evening light - Photo by Brad Meier  © 2006
N3608R of N3608R LLC on duty - Photo by Jeremy King © May-06 The cockpit panel of N476XP - Photo by Tim d'Annunzio © 24-Jun-08
N476XP just new painted and registered - Photo by Tim d'Annunzio © 24-Jun-08 N476XP of Paraclete Aviation LLC - Photo courtesy Tim D'Annunzio © 2011
N476XP of Paraclete Aviation LLC on dusty ground - Photo by Carlos Felix © 2012 N476XP of High Chaparral LLC under rebuild - Photo by Greg Dawe © 2024

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