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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 584

S/N: 584 Built: 1965 TSN: 12'000
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
HB-FBZ PC-6/B-H2 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke 1965-08 1966-07-07 lsd to A.D.S. 1965 
VH-PNG PC-6/B-H2 Papuan Airlines 1966-05-20 1970-11-16 "Mount Victory"
VH-PNG PC-6/B-H2 Ansett Airlines of Papua 1970-11-16 1971-08-05  
VH-PNG PC-6/B-H2 Macair Charters 1971-08-05 1973-11-28  
VH-PNG PC-6/B-H2 Melanesian Airline Company 1973-11-28 1974-05-15 rrg P2-PNG
P2-PNG PC-6/B-H2 Melanesian Airline Company 1974-05-15 1975- rrg P2-PNO
P2-PNO PC-6/B-H2 Melanesian Airline Company 1975- 1975-03 rrg P2-SEA
P2-SEA PC-6/B-H2 Melanesian Airline Company 1975-03 1975-12-02 company taken over by Talair
P2-SEA PC-6/B-H2 Talair 1975-12-02 1985-09-11 "Wau Valley", "Kabwum Valley"
HB-FBZ PC-6/B1-H2 Farner Air Services 1986-08-26 1990-02-14 lsd to MBB SG 1987/88
F-GIDS PC-6/B1-H2 Paragones SARL 1990-04-04 1995-01-13  
F-GIDS PC-6/B2-H2 CEP de Cahors 1995-01-13 Current cvt to PT-6A-34 Feb'02

VH-PNG of Macair Charters in new colors - Photo Ben Dannecker Collection © 1972 P2-PNO of Melanesian Airline Company - Photo Archive Markus Herzig © Mar-75
P2-SEA of Talair with Captain Phil Heggie - Photo courtesy G.Buchanan / P.Heggie © 1980s P2-SEA of Talair at Sim upper Warua R. Valley in Papua - Photo by John Macarthur © May-83
HB-FBZ of Farner Air Services at Friedrichshafen - Photo by Heinz Meier © 11-Apr-87 F-GIDS of CEP de Cahors at Gap-Tallard - Photo by Markus Herzig © 20-Jun-98
F-GIDS of CEP de Cahors ready to drop - Photo courtesy Georges Adam © 1999 F-GIDS over Cahors on the way down from FL140 - Photos courtesy Dominique Lebreton © 2005
F-GIDS powered now with a PT6A-34 engine - Photo by Yannick Lavigne © 28-Sep-05 F-GIDS at Gap-Tallard rolled out in the new look - Photo by Icarius Aerotechnics © 28-Feb-08

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